6 Reasons Why You Were Never Called For A Job Interview in 2016 Despite Numerous Applications

Frustrated job applicant - The Platform101
Frustrated job applicant - The Platform101
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Rejection is a terrible thing in the human kingdom. In your career path, this monster could manifest itself in form of zero invites for job interviews despite the spirited efforts to apply for all fitting available roles. All job seekers do expect a positive feedback in the course of a job search; an interview invite being a good sign that you have something the recruiter or employer believes need to be probed further to see if it could be the value they are looking for.

If in 2016 you found yourself in this awful territory, then it’s important to do a self-evaluation to understand what could have been the reason for the annoying silence on all your job applications.

I have compiled a list of six possible reasons that could have led to you not being invited for at least one interview:

1.  You used generic job application documents (CV’s and Cover letters)
There is a likely hood that you made a mistake of applying for all vacancies using a generic resume and cover letter. This is a real disaster in the job application universe. Using the generic documents meant that you never pointed to the value you would bring to the workplace.

To the recruiter you came across as one who wanted to solve problems using a one size fits it all formula which is absolutely impossible.

To stand out in the coming year, it is advisable that you start customizing all your application details to match the job in question. Bring out your best skills for each role advertised. Match your competencies to the need of the moment. Let your application documents present you as a skilful master and not a jack of all trades.

2.  You had too much info in your resume
This may have happened because you had hit rock bottom of desperation. It’s like trying to paint a wall with all colors available. It will look dirty rather than neat.

In an attempt to woo the recruiter, you may have listed unnecessary details of your career life in the resume making it a forest where the recruiter got lost while trying to locate you.

Your heavily cluttered CV worked against you.

Going forward ensure your CV is:

  • Brief: use short sentences. Avoid long paragraphs that tend to be misleading and confusing.
  • Straightforward: make your CV say what it needs to say. Avoid jargon.
  • Easy to read: ensure your CV isn’t tiring or boring.
  • Well structured: give your CV a specific structure. Let it respond to the need of the employer.
  • Relevant: Tailor your CV to the position you will be applying for then.

3.  Your grammar was horrible
This could have resulted from two things; either use of the generic resume in all applications or basic failure to proof read your application details prior to submitting.

If the first sentence the recruiter read in your cover letter had spelling mistakes, it’s highly unlikely that he/she proceeded with the rest of your application details. Your grammatical ability through you cover letter is part of the first set of your image presented before prospective employers. If it wasn’t good then they would definitely not reach out to you for an interview.

You out-rightly demonstrated lack of attention to detail.

Going into the New Year, it will be important to always proof read your application details. A more effective way is to have a friend go through your details since you are bound to miss out on certain things.

4.  Your resume didn’t open – The document format was incompatible
I know this sounds funny but it could have been the main reason why you never received any interview invites in 2016. Being an experienced recruiter, I have encountered this so many times. Candidates send applications details in a format that cannot open. Sometimes I open the document and characters are jumbled all over in unreadable fashion. This is the fastest way to ignore an application.

As you embark on your job search in the coming year, always plan to share you details by mailing them to at least two or three friends and find out from them if the documents could open on their PC’s.

5.  Your online presence was a mess
Believe you me, once a recruiter gets your application details and thinks you may be worthy of an interview, almost instinctively, an online search follows to basically gather some info about you. Your LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook details come in handy.

Sometimes a recruiter just wants to find if you have any common connections.

A messy online presence (fill out what could comprise messy profiles) could have been the reason your details were shredded. Neither did you have a professional outlook nor did you look like you could fit into the firms’ culture.

The remedy is simple. Don’t even wait for the New Year to come, go right ahead and clean your online accounts. Make them look professional and respectable.

NB: Going into 2107 you may need to be careful about the kind of political opinions you post around.

6.  You were too mysterious
This is the exact opposite of the above. We all live in tech savvy world with the social media space being our great playing field and you cannot afford not to have a presence.

You may have done everything right but upon being searched online, the recruiters never found a trace of you.

You have never bothered yourself with LinkedIn, twitter or just any form of online platform. You remain mysterious and the recruiters were wondering whether you are a pensioner seeking to revive your career in your old age.

To avoid this in the coming year, create a neat profile on professional online platforms that will enable recruiters have prior interaction with you and learn more before making that interviewing decision.

I believe this sheds some light into why your career path in 2016 might not have shone as brightly as you had envisaged. It’s not all doom and gloom because you can remedy the situation and start all over again with lots of hope of course.

Kindly share on the comment segment what else you think could have hindered you or your friends from getting an interview call in 2016

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